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Forest Gump

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Forrest Gump

At the beginning of the movie Forrest is very loved by his mother. Forrest Gump, gifted
with a low IQ which lets him be adorably childlike even as he grows up, leads a very
charmed life: a mother who loves him immensely and who sleeps with the school
principal in order to make sure her child has the best education. Forrest has to wear
braces on his legs, not because there is anything wrong with his legs but the doctor and
his mother says it is because his back is as crooked as a question mark. Forrest’s
childhood girlfriend who remains faithful to him till the end, surviving Vietnam with a
medal, and, in general, a propensity for turning everything that happens to him into
From one perspective, it implies that intelligence is a very unnecessary trait. But I think
one can look beyond that and say that childlike innocence, which can be considered
stupid, has its rewards. Throughout the movie, Forrest is in situations where he is
harassed by……

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Approximate Word Count: 2554
Approximate Pages: 10 (260 words per double-spaced page)

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