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Abortion – Your Choice

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Vanessa Alonso
Week 4
August 2, 2009
Abortion Essay
“Abortion is purely a medical problem, and therefore, women should be legally free to make a private decision about their bodies and their lives that should not be intruded upon by others. No one else has to go through the pregnancy; no one else has to go through the childbirth; and no one else has to then devote 18 or more years to raising the child; therefore, the final decision to abort or to go through with pregnancy must be the woman’s and hers alone with no interference from anyone else or any part of society” (Thiroux 266). This argument made by pro-choice advocates is exactly how I feel about this certain topic. I do not believe that anyone has to right to make this serious besides the person that it directly affects and that is the woman. Whether or not this person was a victim to rape, incest or was just careless one night and didn’t use protection they should still be the only person responsible for……

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Approximate Word Count: 470
Approximate Pages: 2 (260 words per double-spaced page)

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