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Obeying Orders

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Obeying Orders
The consequences of disobeying orders can be the difference between life and
death. The importance of following orders will be explained throughout this essay.
It is crucial to always follow orders given because it could lead to an unwanted
accident. Accidents include death to the innocent, minor to severe injuries, and can
lead to Uniform Code of Military Justice punishment If you were to disobey an
order in a time of war that could lead to many serious consequences. You could kill
yourself, let alone another soldier. No one would want to live with that burden
knowing they are the person responsible of having taken the life of someone innocent or
causing death to one of my fellow soldier. The order I disobeyed was not bringing
in my Class A dress uniform to be inspected before the St. Barbara Day Ball when
requested by Sergeant Zanella. It was a small order, but was meant to be taken very
serious. And I failed to do so, and now because of……

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Approximate Word Count: 605
Approximate Pages: 3 (260 words per double-spaced page)

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