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: Kathryn Angell, Chief Administrator, University Health Services Clinic

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To: Kathryn Angell, Chief Administrator, University Health Services Clinic
Date: July 8, 1980
From: Consultant A, PMII
Re: Proposal to Improve Performance at University Health Services Clinic

After reviewing the data you have given me, I decided on the following measures to ensure the UHS Walk In Clinic runs more efficiently while at the same time providing a pleasant experience for patients. The switch to the triage system has succeeded in decreasing the overall wait time, however there is room for improvement. I recommend concentrating efforts to improve services in three critical areas (please refer to attached flow chart):

1. The Moment of Truth (MOT) when patients first arrive at the clinic. This is critical because the first moments when patients arrive are the most important for making their visit feel reasonable. Patients now wait 19 minutes to see a triage nurse. It is possible with minimal resources to improve the quality of this initial wait time. For……

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