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Action Planning For Prevention And Recoveryempact

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Action Planning for Prevention and Recovery
A Self-Help Guide
This booklet contains information, ideas, and strategies that people from all over the country have found to be helpful in relieving and preventing troubling feelings and symptoms. The information in this booklet can be used safely along with your other health care treatment.
You may want to read through this booklet at least once before you begin working on developing your own action plans for prevention and recovery. This can help enhance your understanding of the entire process. Then you can go back to work on each section. You may want to do this slowly, working on a portion of it and then putting it aside and revise it on a regular basis as you learn new things about yourself and ways you can help yourself to feel better.
Do you experience feelings and symptoms that are upsetting, that keep you from being the way you want to be and doing the things you want to do? Many people who have……

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Approximate Word Count: 5597
Approximate Pages: 22 (260 words per double-spaced page)

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