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A Healthy Eating And Exerise Plan

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A Healthy Eating and Exercise Plan
Lori Wyatt
University of Phoenix

Keeping up with a healthy eating and exercise plan is such a struggle for me. I have never taken the time to educate myself on what is really a healthy diet and exercise. I know one should eat fruit, vegetables, and exercise. However, I have always been one that wants to drop the weight fast. I have had much success on diets. The low carbohydrate diet is one of my favorites. You drop the weight fast but you gain it back faster. Exercising was only a few days a week and for about twenty minutes each session. I have not been motivates and never tried to stick to a plan. All of this has to stop. Because I have gained too much weight and know this is not healthy.
The internet offers tons of advice to help me with my problem. Educating myself on fitness and healthy eating will help me better understand what I need to do and how I can stay on top of my diet and exercise plan.

I visited a few websites……

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