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Abnormal Psychology

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Abnormal Psychology 1
Examination of Abnormal Psychology
Daniel F Coleman
University of Phoenix
Abnormal Psychology 2
An aspect of abnormal psychology that has been and continues to be debated is the cause of mental illness. Throughout history, people have developed a variety of theories to explain psychological disturbances. Generally, these theories have fallen on one of three general themes: mystical/supernatural, scientific/medical, or humanitarian (Snitchler).
Mystical explanations regard abnormal behavior as the result of possession by spirits. The scientific/medical approach considers natural causes, such as biological imbalances, faulty learning processes, or emotional stressors. Finally, the humanitarian approach tends to view abnormal behavior as the result of cruelty or poor living conditions. The differing etiological theories as well as advancing knowledge have had large impact on the treatment of……

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Approximate Word Count: 946
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