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A Treatment Strategy For Women

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A Treatment Strategy for Women

Orgasm during intercourse: A treatment strategy for women
Zeiss, Antonette M., Rosen, Gerald M. Zeiss, Robert A.

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

Damaine Carpenter

Psychology 101
Professor W. Johnson
December 5, 2008


Describes a 6-step treatment program for women who are in orgasmic during intercourse. The program teaches women to associate orgasms brought on by manual clitoral stimulation with arousing thoughts about intercourse and vaginal containment of a dildo. This learning is then generalized to vaginal containment of the partner’s penis and thrusting movements. Two cases are presented to illustrate the treatment method and provide initial support for the program.

Orgasm during Intercourse: A Treatment Strategy for Women

The purpose of this research is a six-step treatment program for women who are unable to have orgasm during sexual intercourse. The program teaches women how to connect orgasms……

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Approximate Word Count: 1270
Approximate Pages: 5 (260 words per double-spaced page)

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