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Michelle Cisneros

GEL 101; Prof. Anderson

Abortion Essay; final draft

5 December 2008

Pro- choice or Pro- life?

What do you think about abortion? Are you pro choice or pro life? Well, I am pro-choice. Although some may disagree, a woman should make the moral choice of having an abortion before the fetus has all the characteristics of a human being. There are many different types of abortion procedures; some done early and some done later. The abortion procedures done later are morally wrong and cruel because you are actually killing a human being not a fetus anymore. Today it is also proven that more teenagers are getting abortions than adults. Although there may be some risks with having an abortion done, I believe all women should have the right to it. To me abortions are not always morally wrong.

Some background on abortions would deal with the Roe v., Wade case, where a woman challenged the Texas laws criminalizing abortion. The Supreme Court legalized……

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Approximate Word Count: 1402
Approximate Pages: 6 (260 words per double-spaced page)

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