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Script- a written version of a play or other dramatic composition 1. Monologue- a long utterance by one person; one that prevents others from participating in
Leo Tolstoy
WAR AND PEACE by Leo Tolst o y A Penn S t ate Electr onic Classics Ser ies Publication War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy is a publication of the
Ernst-Moritz Lipp, Horst Steinmann, Andreas Schere, Dario Velo, Philippe de Woot, Romano Prodi, Emilio Gabaglio, Mihail Papyannakis, Jacky Mamou, Photis Nanopoulos
Will Smith Theme Song
oot of o chompogno gloss Os thos whot tho pooplo of bol-oor lovon loko, Hmm thos moght bo olroght! Bot woot, O horo thoy’ro porcy, boozwoh ond oll thot Bot
to think of many holy men who of which have had more than one wife, Lameth and his bigamie? I woot wel Abraham was an hooly man, And Jacob eek, as ferforth as I kan